Saturday, 24 October 2015

Bali 2015 retreat|recreate round up :: 1

What a wonderful, inspiring, soul-nourishing week we have just experienced.

The venue was beautiful, set right on the banks of Ubud's holy river, the Campuhan River, with magnificent views, an ancient temple, a tiny holy spring, two pools, excellent food, daily yoga and many many steps.

The week was filled with lectures, classes and excursions all designed to further our understanding of Indonesian textiles - batik, ikat, songket, the works.  There were additional optional activities too, including a basket weaving class and a cycling-through-the-rice-paddies tour, to name just a couple.  Of course there was also quite a lot of wandering, shopping, eating, swimming, relaxing and absorbing the tropical ambience going on.

We began our week together with a very moving and humbling water purification ceremony at one of Bali's major temples. The ceremony, as the title suggests, is designed to cleanse the soul; the perfect way to commence our retreat, all refreshed and new.

The before shot, not yet quite pure.

The during …

… and the after shots.  Fully immersed, cleansed and very very moved.

It was an unexpectedly powerful and intense experience.  Several tears were shed and the whole experience served to bind us together as a group, setting the scene for our shared week as a diverse yet harmonious group of likeminded women.

For some reason my phone has stopped talking to Flickr so while there are myriad retreat snaps over on Instagram, they didn't load to Flickr which is how I usually post to the blog. Luckily I took the good camera with me, and they're better quality shots anyway, but there are fewer of them.  Do have a look over at Instagram though as there are lots of daily snippets and snaps.  I'll come back and post a few here when I get the phone talking to the computer (technology, ack) but for today I've focused on sharing the Pentax shots and some from Bali Wellness Retreats.

More tales and photographs to come over the next few days. And an exciting announcement, I have the dates for 2016 locked in so if you think you would like to come along, put the 8th - 15th October 2016 in your calendar and stand by for an announcement on prices and the new improved schedule! I have tweaked one or two things and next year's retreat promises to be even better. (I KNOW, RIGHT? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?)

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