Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Live from Ubud ...

We are halfway through our amazing, incredible week already!  I'm finding it tricky to squeeze in any meaningful blogging time and so will share properly on my return but in the meantime you can see a few photos over on the facebook retreat|recreate page or search on Instagram for the hashtag #retreatrecreate and you'll see photos from several members of the group. We're all updating pretty regularly through the days on Instagram because it's so quick and easy so do enjoy the instant gratification eye candy!

Leslie from Maze & Vale is also sharing photos on her facebook page as is Niki at hers (i am linking to those two as they're public business facebook pages, not private accounts).

Best of all Lara is actually blogging daily over at Thornberry (go Lara!)

I am feeling very humbled and blessed to have managed to gather around me such a diverse yet harmonious group of inspiring women with whom to share this week. Words can't adequately describe the depth of our experiences so far, both as a group and individually. Ubud and the Balinese people have woven their magic spell and drawn me in anew, and it's a delight to see the others similarly deeply affected and inspired.

I could go on (and on) about our textiles lecture, the batik and indigo dye class half the group did yesterday (and the other half get to enjoy today), the shared meals, the yoga, the magnificent venue we're calling home for the week, the inpromptu invitation to enter a local family's home (and subsequent absolute adamant refusal to accept a small donation in exchange for their hospitality), the purification ceremony we shared on the first day that moved several of us to tears ... but the roosters are loudly proclaiming their masculinity and territorial rights as another dawn breaks over the valley and i must to breakfast.


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